Good Morning Broth

I decided that on this terribly rainy day to bite the bullet and get my two and a half year old on the GAPS intro diet. I have known for almost two years that I would eventually have to put Sebastian on the diet. So you maybe asking, why the delay, two years is a long time? You are right, two years is a long time, especially considering Sebastian was just seven months when I came across the diet. He wasn’t even sitting up, while now he is a very active little boy. Well, the plain and simple answer is I was scared. I didn’t want to fail. I am one of those people who sadly struggles with failure big time. If something doesn’t work out I feel very down and to avoid feeling this way I avoid trying…..sad but true.

But enough is enough, after many tears over the health of my son I have decided that the GAPS intro diet had to start today. Now, it wasn’t like he was eating pasta, donuts and chocolate just yesterday and today he is now on an extremely restrictive diet, no this has been coming for some time. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Sebastian, has been on the full GAPS diet for months. There of course have been slip ups. Well-intentioned friends and family have given him juice and sugar without realizing it, but for the most part things have been plain sailing.

The full GAPS diet has been a real stepping stone in helping Sebastian. He has now become a very adventurous eater. He loves salads, sauerkraut, meat, vegetables, kefir, eggs and eats pretty much everything I serve him. Compared to the child I had one year ago things have gone very well. But! Yes, there is always a but. He still has eczema and is constantly bloated and his bowel movements are strange to say the least. I knew that to overcome these digestive issues that we had to get him on the GAPS intro diet.

So today is the day! We woke up and instead of serving Sebastian his usual breakfast of fried eggs, butter and sauerkraut, he was given bone broth vegetable soup. I had marrow bones in the slow cooker and just kept dipping into the “liquid gold” to keep Sebastian satiated. For lunch I served him lambs liver with carrots, broccoli and cauliflower cooked in bone broth. I then served it with Himalayan rock salt and some broth drizzled on top. Then for dinner it was the same.

Considering that my poor husband is down with the flu, for the second time in a month, I think today went pretty well. Sebastian didn’t have any melt downs and for the most part wasn’t to upset about not getting the foods he usually has. Thank you God!

Now, lets hope tomorrow is the same.